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Joycard Concept designs reflect the new and fresh trends of bridal fashion. The smart combination of romantic and modern elements of Joycard Concept will impress at any event. Joycard Concept designs stand out by their simplicity, fine aesthetics, appropriate fabrics selection and ethereal sense.

The production of Joycard Concept designs is taking place exclusively in Greece. Our team consists of experienced stylists, modelists, patronists, tailors, consultants and quality control specialists. The quality of fabrics and raw materials we select for the implementation of our designs is the best possible, in combination with the final price of the pieces. The fabrics origins are either from Greece, or France, UK, Korea, Israel, Turkey etc.

Our production process consists of many stages so the implementation of a specific outfit and reach 4 months time. In some emergency cases and for specific outfits, we can skip some stages without any discount to the final product quality.

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